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Use this rite to re-kindle passion with your partner.

Please share this spell on your favorite social media platform, my goal is to, put these simple spells out is to help people improve themselves by attaining love wealth and anything that they desire because attaining our goals connects us to our higher selves. 

The amulets and rings in this post have been selected for a reason, they have been charmed by master magicians and spirit masters of higher relms, they are not needed to perform this spell, but having access to powerful talismans greatly increases your potential and power.

???????Spell Ingredients 

1. Rose incense

2. Two red Candles

3. Two slips of paper 4. A drop of wine if you are a man

5. Drop of perfume if you are a woman

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Instructions Burn some rose scented incense on Friday night (Friday is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love!). Light two red candles (red for passion and arousal)

On two slips of paper, write the name of your lover, and add a drop of red wine if you are a man or a drop of perfume if you are a woman.

Place one piece of paper under each candle.

Put yourself in a sensuous mood and visualize your lover standing alone in a darkened void. As the image becomes clearer in your mind, picture a bright red light beginning to surround him or her, gradually encircling their entire body.

After a couple of minutes, let the image slowly fade.

Perform this ritual for five (5) consecutive nights.

Make sure you are alone with your partner on the sixth night for the ceremony to take its full effect!


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