Use when you are looking for a romantic lover of either sex.

Love magic can be the most rewarding type of magic when it works, simply because everyone craves love attention and affection deeply.

But this type of magic sometimes has a bad reputation because of the way some people use it.

What is presented here is if used correctly will bring love into your life, but will not take control of someones will.

It will connect you to someone who needs a person like you in their lives, someone who will push your life forward in the right direction.

It can even attract a soul mate if you are ready to see this person.

Spell by: Secret library 


Plain White Candle

A box of matches

A piece of clean paper or parchment

Pen with red ink


I Am A Romantic

I Need A Romantic Lover

There Is One For Me

Somewhere Not Far

He (She) Will Come To Me

Now At My Call

Without Any Delay

Now draw two intertwined hearts on the paper; fold the paper in half lengthwise and again in half lengthwise. 

Burn the paper with the candle, collect the ashes and go outside and blow the ashes into the air.

Concentrate for a few minutes on your goal. Perform this ritual every day until the desired results occur.


Life is too short and you can't have opportunities pass by you because really good relationships are actually hard to come by.  

Did you know that if you are preoccupied with the wrong people, the good ones out there are just passing you by and could actually be the relationship that is meant to be.

When you are stuck in a relationship that is maybe stagnant or in other words going nowhere or lacking commitment, it takes a toll on yourself. Sometimes it doesn't put in you a good mood and in the end if you aren't happy, its not good for your overall mental health

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