Quick Love Spell For Extra Intimacy Pin 1

Tools & Ingredients 

- Two Red Candles - An Egg - Knife - Bowl Quick Love Spell For Extra Intimacy Pin 2


- Start by lighting  two red candles. - Put the candles on a clean surface and place a clean bowl in front of them.  - Grab an egg, lightly tap the shell with a knife so that it breaks. - Pour contents out into the bowl in front of you      - Close your eyes and picture the an intimate moment with your loved one,it can be made up or real. - Try your best to let the feeling of intimacy grow within you, to the point where you feel it's too much.  - As you do this say the following; This Is Me, My Mind Is Gold My Body Is Silver.

- Do the same with the other egg and say;

This is .......His/Her Mind Is Gold Her Body Is Silver. - Stir the eggs gently with the knife, break the yolks and say; Let Our Minds And Bodies Unite Even More, Until One Is Two And Two One. - Keep repeating this until the eggs are an even mix. - Go outside and pour the eggs onto the soil (not concrete). - Repeat this ritual every week,

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How To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship.

  Action is one of the big keys to get magic to work, if you don't do anything nothing will happen.   In most cases  you are ready for the shift and it happens instantly, but sometimes your vibration needs to be shifted to get what you want.

We have included a list of things to do with your partner 

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